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How to triumph over common objections to bike lanes

   In my three+ years of neighborhood advocacy I’ve heard every objection underneath the solar to putting in secure bike infrastructure. it appears that evidently nobody objects to bike lanes themselves, however they item to the  reallocation  of area that make secure motorcycle lanes viable. Drivers appear to view roads as exclusively for them, and that every other proposed use is blasphemy. notice that maximum of this is precise to l. a., but the objections (and retorts) are normally the identical everywhere. additionally, while I centered on motorbike lanes under, a lot of those same arguments may be made for bus lanes or neighborhood traffic calming. right here are a few objections I’ve heard and the way to overcome them: A rendering of for Venice Blvd For All — which is in reality becoming reality! 1. “You’re putting in motorcycle lanes that no one makes use of anyway.” This might be the most commonplace thing I pay attention — that no person bikes in la, so why hassle installing